Commerce in the 21st Century requires an online presence where your customers can view and maybe even purchase your products.

Server-side tools:

Knowing how to make your data accessible to the public depends on how your retrieve it from your back-end database. We can help you with the following server technologies to maximise the productivity of your output:

  • PHP – run by an estimate 79% of web servers, this is the scripting language used by most of the internet.
  • ColdFusion – A much more compact language we still find the occasional server running this product from Adobe.
  • Node.js – the relative baby of the family, Node.js has the advantage of running Javascript code, so for the full-stack developer, there’s less need to keep looking at multiple code library manuals from front-end to back.
  • ASP.Net – Microsoft’s heavy-weight offering has the distinct advantage when it comes to scalability.

Client-side tools:

Once you have your data, how do you display it? This is where your front-end tools come in handy. Rendering server-side code in user-friendly formats, they can make all the difference as to how your clients engage with your site. We can help you with the following client-side technologies to catch and keep the interest of your website visitors:

  • HTML5 – The grandaddy of client-side languages is now in its 5th iteration and getting stronger every time. Once used to make text blink and scroll, it’s now used as the skeleton of your website. Get it wrong and the you can lose the entire structure of your business presence online.
  • CSS – Structure and format on web pages were separated from each other a long time ago, and the formatting member of the client-side family has also had some face-lifts in recent years. From image transitions to smoother box borders and colour phasings, we barely recognise her anymore.
  • JavaScript – If HTML is the skeleton, and CSS the skin, then JavaScript is the muscles and tendons of your website. Many websites these days aren’t web pages as much as they are web applications, mini-programs running in your web browser. JavaScript is what makes all of this fancy footwork happen.

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