Whilst not every business has need of a mobile device, we’re seeing more and more business uses for applications on portable electronics. From simple store apps, to aggregated complex data representations, if you need data on the go then a mobile application might well be the way to go.

The Technology

There are a number of ways you can get your apps up and running. The following is a list of languages commonly used to develop apps on the main mobile platforms:

  • Java – The grandaddy of all modern languages, Java was originally designed to be a universal language across multiple devices, and it didn’t fare too badly as such either. These days you’ll see it mostly in Android apps, and if you need us to build you an app on this platform then it’s the language we’ll most likely use, there are others, but do we like it old skool.
  • Swift – Apparently there are other devices out there that run another fruit-based operating system. If you have need for an Apple device then Swift (using Xcode) is probably the best choice for you, although these days we would tend to use C# with Xamarin but that’s purely just because we’re snobs and, quite frankly, there’s a limit to how many languages our poor brains can hold.
  • C# – Or maybe our real reason for using Microsoft’s .Net offering is that not only does it work well for Apple devices, but it’s completely compatible with Windows 10 Mobile operating systems. We still would like to try our hand at using Javascript but that might be a goal for 2019.

If you need an app for whatever reason, or want us to convince us you don’t need one (not every business solution requires something hard core), feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your needs.