Not everything is online. Sometimes you need a tool that runs on your desktop computer or your laptop.

We have been proud to write a variety of tools in the C# language to create Windows programs that make full use of connected world in which we live. The possibilities are endless, but here’s a list of some of the products we’ve created to whet the appetite of what can be achieved with the power of the home computer:

  • LiStO – A custom-built interface to download contact details from LinkedIn’s programming API into a central Outlook Exchange database.
  • HexQuiz – A quiz program with a formatted grid for teachers to engage their students in a more enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. A laptop connected to the electronic whiteboard, controlled by an Android app via bluetooth… the future of teaching available today.
  • HandyFTPUploader – When you need your non-technical staff to add files to your website, a desktop program that allows them to access only the parts of the site you want them to access, and to tag the files accordingly in your database without any knowledge of SQL.

The Technologies

We can also maintain or upgrade any existing code in the following languages:

  • BASIC – Be it of the QuickBASIC or the VisualBASIC variety, or of any of the many offshoots, we can help you with your code. Whilst seemingly out of favour, you’d be surprised at how much VBScript is just left lying around the place (mostly in Microsoft Windows applications).
  • Pascal – Almost gone now, but we still fondly remember the days we did most of our coding in Pascal’s object-oriented brother, Delphi.
  • Assembly-language – A step and a half away from speaking pure binary, we’ve occasionally had to make tweaks to the x86 version of this family (and Z80, if any remembers that).
  • Xcode – in case your needs might be for a more Apple based solution we’ve got you covered too.

If you need a desktop solution for whatever reason feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your needs.